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AW300PC Torlly Case for B300C
  • For: 10 pcs conference units + 10 pcs goose-neck mics Conference units
  • AC200M Gooseneck mic
  • Dimension: 400Lx350Wx620H(mm)
  • Color: Black
  • Power consumption: 80-96W
  • Material: Aluminum alloy frame
AW300CH Charger for B300 Series
  • 3 hours needed to fully charge.
  • MAX 10 pcs battery charging at one time.
  • 1U rack-mounted chassis,supports cabinet installation.
  • Five-level, two-color status indicator shows charging status.
  • Contactor by pop-up pins.
  • Wide range power input: 110V-240V AC.
  • Static power consumption 5W, maximum power consumption 150W.
AW300BT Battery for B300 Series
  • AW300BT, 5000mAh, 7.4VDC.
  • AW300BT Large capacity rechargeable battery
  • With 6 charging contacts, can charge from charging box or unit base and support standing charging.
  • Long life and lasting stability of charging performance.
  • After fully charged it can use 20 hours (with power save mode).
  • Contactor by pop-up pins.
  • Buckle housing to prevent poor contact or dropping.
AW-300C 5GWI-FI Wireless Chairman/Delegate Unit
  • 4.3-inch color touchscreen
  • Can set as chairman, delegate, VIP, or dual users
  • Dual-channel, 5G wifi, and wired network
  • Powered by cable, battery, or dock directly
  • Built-in dual headphone ports
  • Built-in RFID card authentication, sign-in by IC card, and voting(optional)
ADM-450ER Two Way Radio Device
  • Comes with extra extendable range capability.
  • Used high quality material for rough usage.
  • Low power consumption.
  • 1000 mAh long-life battery.
  • Multiple channels for individual communication.
  • Fast battery charging adapter.
  • Included battery, clips, antenna, box, lace.
AC-961 Handheld Walkie Talkie
  • Built-in 50 sets of CTCSS and 105 sets of DCS
  • Aircom AC-961 Handheld Walkie Talkie includes Alarm function
  • The low power switching function
  • wideband and narrowband function
  • Voice function
  • 1W ultra-high power/super battery capacity/super clear voice/anti-magnetic horn.
ATC06 Camera Auto-Tracking Controller
  • 2 HDMI+ 4 HD/3G SDI input, 1+1 HDMI output
  • 6*1+1 seamless scaler switcher, maximum supported 1080P@60Hz
  • Seamless switching, no jitter, no blank screen
  • Adjustable image freezing function
  • Web control function
AWD-DISM Discussion & Speaker Module
  • Removable gooseneck microphone
  • Built-in high-fidelity speakers
  • Special connecting design for easy mount
  • Front soft light LED indicator
  • Physical button
AWD-TSPS 11.6″ Paperless Desktop Multimedia Conference Unit
  • HD LCD touchscreen
  • Modular design
  • Voting and interpretation
  • Transmission via CAT5e cables
  • Hi-Fi audio/Paperless conference
AW-RBT Li-Ion, 7.2V / 4900 mAh Battery for AW-CCU200 Series
  • Suitable for AW-CCU200
  • Long life and lasting stability of charging performance
  • After fully charged it can be used 24 hours
  • Four hours needed to fully charge Efficient lithium batteries
  • Efficient lithium batteries
  • This controller supports a maximum of 200 conference units at a time. No need for any extra extension if used within this limitation.
  • The unique AUDIO-LINK digital ring network technology achieves full digital signal transmission and processing
  • One CAT5e cable to transmit up to 64 channels of audio and other signals.
  • High-fidelity sound quality by lossless audio transmission technology, 48K audio sampling rate.
  • The central controller can independently control four conference rooms or make the combination of conference rooms, support cascading of multiple conference controllers, and achieve larger conference combinations and separation (including meeting management, etc.). “Hand-in-Hand-Loop-Network” connection makes the system always work perfectly no matter changing discussion units or having any malfunctioned units ● The microphone sensitivity of each unit and 16-level equalizer EQ can be adjusted independently The 16-level equalizer EQ to achieve sound or the whole conference field adjustment, limiter to prevent the sound from suddenly becoming loud or low; noise gate of the human voice can be identified; support AGC/AFC/ Mix (Auto-mix) technology USB recording, advanced noise cancellation technology to realize clearer recording
  • To know how it works, download catalog
1. 4 hours needed to fully charge 2. MAX 10 pcs battery charging at one time 3. Wide range power input: 100V~240V AC 4. Buckle housing to prevent poor contact or dropping, light in weight for easy moving
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