Aircom ACS-Series Installed to the Spanish Delegation of the Government

The delegation of the government of Andalusia is located in Seville, Spain. It is a body that provides information, support, and advice to citizens on all matters relating to their rights and civil liberties. The delegation also represents the general administration of the state on its territory, supervising the right to access public information as well as other areas related to transparency policy.

They are looking for simple and elegant-looking meeting equipment that is easy to use and operate. Application in daily work to improve efficiency and quality of service. After field tests by our professional technical team, Aircom ACS-Series was selected to support their daily work.

This conference unit continues to incorporate classic design ideas, including several elements from classic microphones. It is designed with a tilted triangular structure so that users can easily see what is displayed above. And Audio Link’s “Daisy Chain” loop connection technology reduces the number of cables used and significantly reduces the probability of dropped connections. With its symmetrical design, it further emphasizes its simple and generous style.

The smooth mirrored operation panel retains only one long-stroke physical speaking button with concave relief and functional touch buttons. It also has a built-in 2x2W high-quality speaker that can easily cope with sudden sound reinforcement failures. The core uses AIRCOM digital network technology to maintain consistent stability. In addition, it can also be customized with functions such as authentication, sign-in, and simultaneous interpretation as needed. Thus, it fulfills the audio needs of many scenarios.

And now this government delegation is one of the loyal users of AIRCOM conference units in Spain! Also, Aircom ACS-Series has received a lot of positive comments from customers for its simple and generous appearance, stable performance, and easy operation and maintenance.

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