Aircom AW-Series Full Digital Wireless Conference System in the Court of Serbia

Serbia is a landlocked country in Southeastern and Central Europe, located at the crossroads of the Pannonian Basin and the Balkans. Apart from its many natural wonders, such as the Đavolja varoš (Devil’s Town), this country has a long and rich history dating back many centuries. Its excellent climate makes it one of the largest suppliers of frozen fruit to the EU.

The newly built court started setting up its council chambers some time ago. To match the court’s solemn ambiance, disseminate information clearly, and enhance the efficiency of the adjudication process, the choice of audio equipment is one of the challenges of the facility. Our conferencing team provided the court with a solution using the AIRCOM AW- full digital wireless conference system based on site conditions and usage requirements.

Only a single CAT5 cable is required from the controller to the conference unit, and the entire setup can be completed by powering it on. All units are ready to work as soon as they are plugged in, eliminating the complicated step of on-site installation and troubleshooting. Thanks to Audio Link’s “daisy-chain” loop connection technology, the system will always work, even if one of the units is replaced or a malfunction occurs. Because this system is easy to use and stable, it is often used at government functions and other official events.

AW CUT 201 wireless digital unit, has an OLED screen that allows delegates to read the time and date and set a specific talk time. The MIC automatically turns off when the user has spoken for the set time. In addition, the host and power extension unit is fanless and the microphone buttons are touch-sensitive, which means that the switching microphone does not produce sound. This allows users to hold noise-free digital audio conferences in the chamber.

The MIC not only provides top-notch sound quality but is also capable of detecting the size of the human voice and automatically adjusting the volume. This is very helpful when it comes to improving communication. It has been a positive experience for users with this solution, exceeding their expectations throughout the process.

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