Array Microphone Apply in Almaty Central Office

Almaty, the largest city in the Republic of Kazakhstan, is surrounded by the Ala tau Mountains, and its majestic modern buildings look extremely beautiful against the snow-white peaks of the mountains.

This project was finished in Almatykitap baspasy central office, Kazakhstan. The interior is decorated in light colors, as clean as the snowy mountains. A variety of soft furnishings highlight the concept of minimalist arrangements. With the rapid development in life and workstyle, people are more and more concerned about their working environment. An excellent environment in a conference room can make meeting communication more efficient and comfortable, so what kind of conference equipment should be applied to be more stylish?

The manufactured fully digital array microphone, was used as the conference communication solution. 

Made of aluminum, it has a stylish design and does not take up much space. Differing from the usual type of conference microphones installed in Kazakhstan, the flat and long shape allows for unobstructed vision and improved eye contact during meetings. Capturing sound at a distance of at least 80 cm, and it can make the participants’ speech clearer and ensure the high quality of the recording. Noise suppression, including mobile device signals, makes AIRCOM audio conferencing an optimal solution.

This microphone is preferred by many clients because of its diversified equipment combination such as conference HD cameras for online meetings and live recording. If we set up the necessary camera position in advance, then the camera will automatically capture the close-ups of speakers when recording the meeting.

AIRCOM Digital