Multifunctional Council Chamber in Costa Rica

Nowadays, local and remote conferencing has become one of the most popular ways to communicate with each other. Whether you’re looking to stream live city council meetings, hold group discussions with international offices, or host webinars for customers on the other side of the world, getting your discussion on the web where anyone can view it is convenient. The great thing about video conferencing, however, is that there’s no need to sign up with specific audio-visual groups or companies; all that you need is to use a small camera and microphone, and you can be set up in no time at all.

Municipalidad Barva, located in Costa Rica, was also looking for suitable audio and video equipment to upgrade the conference room in the parliamentary building. They hope to be able to record the complete details of each legislator’s speech in the government meeting and increase the application of intelligent technology in government work. Increase conference efficiency and make it easier to achieve 0 absenteeism due to uncontrollable factors like COVID-19. As a result, the system equipment had to meet high standards of reliability, stability, and image quality.  

AIRCOM has delivered a professional and meticulous solution for this — a camera auto track and recorder system. It provides camera tracking, precise following, local recording, intelligent storage, video conferencing, and other functions. Traditional cameras always have fixed lenses for remote meetings, lack interactivity, and also have unclear picture quality and lag. Based on technology development, VISSONIC provides separation compression technology, which supports multi-threaded compression of H.265/264. It is easier to transmit remote meetings, and the sound is clear. During the remote meeting, the camera tracking function can be engaged for close-up capture to make the meeting interaction more interactive. If the video file is full when using local recording, the smart storage solution can overwrite it or stop recording and prompt it, no need to worry.

With our fully digital network conference microphone AW-CUT, the conference room has been upgraded and converted into a multi-functional meeting room through simple installation and debugging, bringing added convenience to the work of the meeting.

AIRCOM is committed to providing our customers with quality conference solutions, dedicated services, and high-quality products that have won the trust and praise of many enterprises in various countries. Furthermore, we have established an after-sales service system that will provide you with professional and timely assistance if there are any issues with the product after the sale.

Looking ahead, AIRCOM will keep the original intention of providing professional services to more users in need and building a win-win ecosystem with all partners.

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