Aircom Digital Infrared Language Distribution System Installed in FAO

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) held its ninth session of the governing body in New Delhi, India, from September 19 to 24, 2022. More than 400 leading scientists and personalities from over 150 member countries attended. The conference addressed international food trade, food pricing, and food supply stability in the face of the pandemic COVID -19 and proposed amendments to the FAO International Treaty. For more information on the conference, see the report “ITPGRFA GB9 Conference.” 

On the conference site, nearly 20 languages are used, including Chinese, English, French, Russian, Japanese, etc. This poses one of the biggest challenges to fluent communication. To ensure that cross-border communication isn’t a problem, AIRCOM offers the following solutions:

Digital IR Language Distribution System and Full Digital Conference System

Both at the launch site and in the small conference rooms,16 in total, AIRCOM’s full digital conference system was used as the primary discussion system. This ensured effective speaking and discussion during the meeting. There is a stable signal and excellent audio quality, and Audio Link’s “Daisy chain” loop connection technology can significantly reduce connection drops.

The digital IR language distribution system plays an important role in interpreting and communicating at the conference site. The signal is transmitted through the infrared transmitter and received by the infrared receiver and interpreter desk. By the way, the signal can reach up to 70 meters and is not affected by the interference of light and electromagnetic signals. Participants can select a different channel to listen to the other languages that the translator sends back. When the user is speaking, the interpreter machine can receive the content of the user’s speech within 3ms. During this period, the translators can perform simultaneous translations. Participants receive the translated content simultaneously and can select another channel to listen to the other languages that the translator sends back. So that communication is short and low latency, users will always be in communication.

Together, these two technologies and devices can solve the two main problems of speaking and listening in a translated language during meetings. Due to the smooth and clear communication, the meeting was highly praised by the participants. If you have needs or questions about conferencing solutions, you can find us by clicking here or sending an email to [email protected]

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