Aircom AC-678UV Handy Walkie Talkie

  • Dual brand Radio with 5 Bands RX
  • 1800 mAh Battery
  • 2 Watt output
  • FM Radio
  • IP54 rating waterproof
  • Scrambler function


Aircom AC-678UV Handy Walkie Talkie

1800mAh battery capacity
2W output power
FM radio
IP54 rating waterproof
scrambler function
busy lockout
squelch level
VOX sensitivity
battery power saving
low battery alarm
dual-band U+V transceiver,5bands receiver
analog CTCSS can be set according to customer request,DCS standard mode and non-standard mode switchable;
scan and priority scan
encryption function(bulit-in 4815)
backlight color adjustabe
with the reset function,you can restore the factory default settings.
Frequency Range
sensitivity @ 12dB SINAD136-174 400/470MHz TX/RX
240-260mhz/350-390MHZ RX(option)
118-135.99mhz/350-390MHZ  RX
Adjacent channel selectivity-122dBm(0.22uV)
inter-modulation immunity-60dB @ 12.5khz;-65dB @ 25kHz
spurious immunity(1Mhz)60dB @ 25kHz          -55dB @ 12.5khz
audio distortion84dB
CSQ receive SNR @ 12.5kHz<5%
receive spurious radiation(<1GHz)-40dB @ 25k;  -35dB @ 12.5k
receive spurious radiation(>1GHz)<-57dBm
audio power<-47dBM
transmit power
frequency error2w
FM transmit SNR<2.5ppm
modulation limit-40dB @ 25k;  -35dB @ 12.5k
adjacent channel power+-2.5kHz @ 12.5kHz;+-5.0khz @ 25.0khz
emission spurious radition(<1GHz)60/65dB(12.5K/25K)
emission spurious radition(>1GHz)<-36dBm
modulation characteristics(0.3-3.0kHz)<-30dBm
modulation distortion+1 to -3dB


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