AC 70

  • Ear 2.5mm Stereo (Top Pin), Mic 3.5mm Stereo (Bottom Pin)
  • Clear sound performance
  • Spaced Between Two Pin: 11mm
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • Works With KPG-22 Compatible all Handheld Radios (11mm)
  • Item Weight 7.2


  • Built in Microphone and Speaker – with spring clip on the backside. Communicate with ease with the two easily accessible buttons.
  • There is a headphone out port on the mic for an earpiece, and it will cut the audio from the speaker when properly inserted. There is a red transmit LED on the face. The clip on the back rotates to help you position your mic.
  • These mics will clip to our backpack straps at our shoulder or in front for easy access and convenient communications. It is also easier to use these mics while in the car with your handy-talkies. The radio can stay in the cup holder while you use the mic.
  • Speaker is super high quality, you can hear clearly and be heard clearly. Clip holds on tight and will not fall off randomly. Cord is strong and coil allows for good flexibility and reach.
  • The have compatible with a separate 3.5mm audio plug. For those of you who want to have it as a microphone but don’t want your party’s voice to be hear out loud around you, it can be a nice accessory.
  • Clear sound performance. Concealment and convenient. Talk and listen without holding the radio.
    High-quality acoustic earphones. Compatible with: almost all the brand two way radio


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