AIRCOM ADM-360EP Walkie-Talkie

AIRCOM ADM-360EP walkie-talkie makes communicataion easier. This two-way radio helps users with instant communication. This device has built-in high-quality materials. Please reach out to your local provider to get this device.

AIRCOM ADM-360EP Walkie-Talkie

Frequency Range VHF: 130-170MHZ UHF: 400-450MHZ
Channel 16 Channels
Channel Spoiling 12.5 KHZ
Operating Voltage 7.5V
Operating Temperature -30⁰-+65⁰C
Store Temperature -40⁰-+90⁰C
Antenna Impedance 500
Audio output power <1000 mWp160
Explosion-proof Battery capacity 2400Mah
Dimension(H*W*O) 12.4*4.5*3.5cm(without antenna)
Weight 197 g
Explosion-proof Mark Exib llB T4 Gb
Output power +<3.7W
Frequency Stability +/-10ppm
Adjacent Channel Power +<60dB
Face time slot power TDMA: <-57dBm
Hum and Noise -40dB @ 12.58KHZ
Spur louse Radiation Antenna 9KHz-1GH <36dB / 1GHz-12.75GHz ><- 30dBm
FM Modulation Mode 12.5KHz 110F3E
4FSK Mode 12.5KHz (data only): 7K60FXE

12.5KHz (data+voice): 7K60FXE

Modulation Maximum Deviation [email protected]
Audio Response +1dB-3dB
Protocol ETSI TS 102361-1-2-3
Model Type AMBE+2TM
Nonnative slot power -57dBm
Modulation BER(Bit error rate) +5%
Analog sensibility 0.35uW-116dBm[20dB SINAD] / 0.22uW-120dBm [Type]
Sensibility 0.3uW-117.4dBm [BER 5%] / 0.7uW-110dBm[BER 1%]
Rated audio power 4W/5W
Audio response =1dB-3dB
Rated audio distortion 3M[Type]
Co-channel Rejection +12dB
Spurious response TIABDBC:75dB ETSI: 70dB
Adjacent channel selectivity TIA603C: 65dB ETSI: 60dB
Spurious radiation Antenna: 9KHz-1GHz <57dB/ 1GHz-12.75GHz><-47dBm

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AIRCOM ADM-360EP Walkie-Talkie
AIRCOM ADM-360EP Walkie-Talkie
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