Aircom PCS-17DMS Lift Monitor with Mic System

  • Fully configured for paperless wireless system
  • Both monitor and display in the same system (2 in 1)
  • The screen size is 17.3 inches
  • Synchronous lifting/asynchronous lifting
  • Online whiteboard/document saving
  • Simultaneous presentation/one-key projection
  • Optional (speaking/voting/simultaneous interpretation/built-in sign-in or IC card)

Ultra-thin monitor lift is designed for advanced multi-purpose paperless meeting rooms. When having the general meeting, the LCD and MIC can be hidden in the conference table to keep the desk clean and beautiful. The LCD can be used to display multimedia information alone, or in groups or all lifted in accordance with different needs, including conference content, information tips, image information, and so on.
According to the different requirements of the meeting, the lifter can be controlled separately or in the group through setting.

  • Up, down, and stop of the lifter can be controlled by the panel button, remote control, and central controller.
    When the lifter reaches the top, the LCD will turn to the angle of elevation automatically.
  • When the LCD screen drops, the lifter will close the door automatically.
  • When the lifter drops, the door starts the anti-pinch function.
Model Number PCS-17DMS
Panel size(mm) 601*70*3
Bottom Case(mm) 586*60*647
Screen size 17.3inch
Product Weight 15KG
Package Size 66x 13.2x 75cm
Gross Weight 16KG


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