Aircom UMD02 Powerful Waterproof Metal Detector

This is an excellent treasure detector under the ground. Its sensor can reach up to 2 meters in depth. So if there are any metal objects within the coverage area, it will make a sound. The waterproof mechanism allows you to use this machine for the long run. We directly import these detectors from the manufacturers. To get it at affordable prices, call us or place an order on our website.

Aircom UMD02 Powerful Waterproof Metal Detector

  • Two detection modes: This metal detector has two search modes: all-metal mode and disc mode.
  • Sturdy construction & waterproof coil: This waterproof metal detector is solidly constructed with a 9’’, so can safely use it in the water,especially suitable for use outdoors, on the beach, or in the stream.
  • Note: the control box is not waterproof.
  • Height adjustable: Detector can be set to the most comfortable height, adjustable Height: 24-33″, suitable for children and adults. Providing families with unique Leisure, start a Treasure hunting journey.
  • Easy to us equipped with LCD screen to display operating mode, Intensity level, Sensitivity level, and Battery level, easy to find objects and distinguishes between targets and unwanted metals.
  • Headphone port: It adopts a 0.25″ Audio jack so you can connect it to a headphone (not included) for a better operation.


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