Long Distance Repeater AIRCOM ASR3060

  • Call Function, the call made by the dial key of the dispatch interface
  • Group Call, Meeting, voice conference system
  • Priority Call, System support GPS system
  • Emergency Call
  • Recording storage function


Long Distance Repeater AIRCOM ASR3060

  • The unified hardware platform, compatible with DMR/PDT/DPMR standards
  • Multi-carrier transceiver technology, single box support largest 4 carrier configuration
  • Support the bands 136-174MHz/223MHz-235MHz/350-400MHz/400-470MHz Voice and data services
  •  Support digital and analog adaptive, digital and analog compatible, automatic switching channels, support analog, and digital connectivity
  • Support digital trucking, digital common frequency broadcasting/analog common frequency broadcasting
  • Support wired/wireless IP link hybrid networking, double link backup, Support repeater, or wireless link machine duplex mode, can be switched
  • Compatible with standard SIP protocol, realize wireless and Internet integration communication
  • Strong compatibility, DMR/PDT/DPMR standard different brand handheld radio, mobile radio can be automatic seamless roaming within the network.

General requirements

UHF: 400-470MHz
UHF: 350-400MHz
VHF: 223MHz-235MHz
VHF: 136-174MHz
Channel capacity: 32
Channel space: 25KHz/12.5KHz/6.25KHz
Working voltage: 13.8V ±20%
Standby current: <2A
Emission current: <12.5A
Frequency stability: ±0.5ppm
Antenna impedance: 50Ω
Working cycle: 100%
Size: 366 x 483 x 88 mm
Weight: ≦ 8.5kg Built-in duplexer



Sensitivity: ≤-118dBm, error rate 5%
Adjacent channel selectivity: ≥65dB @ 12.5KHz, ≥70dB @ 25KHz
intermediation: ≥70dB @ 12.5/25KHz
Spurious response: ≥70dB @ 12.5/25KHz
Barrage: ≥90dB
Co-channel rejection: ≥-12dB, error rate: ≤5%
Conducted emission stray:
≤-57dBm (not transmit, 9kHz-1GHz)
≤-47dBm (not transmit, 1GHz-12.75GHz)


Output power: 5-60W (adjustable)
4FSK modulation frequency offset error: ≤10.0%
Spurious emission:
≤-36dBm (transmit, 9kHz-1GHz
≤-30dBm (transmit, 1GHz-12.75GHz)
Maximum modulation limit: ±3.15 kHz
Adjacent-channel power: ≤60dB @ 12.5KHz
Environmental index
Operating temperature range: – 30℃-+60℃
Storage temperature range: -40℃-+85℃

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Long Distance Repeater AIRCOM ASR3060
Long Distance Repeater AIRCOM ASR3060
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