Aircom AC-UV88 Heavy-Duty Walkie Talkie

  • Voice Encryption
  • high-capacity battery
  • Flashlight
  • Low power alarm
  • Voice prompt (Chinese or English)
  • Imported Pc enclosure sturdy and durable
  • PC programmable
  • Channel scan
  • Time-out-timer (TOT)
  • Tail Tone Elimination
  • Wide/Narrow bandwidth
  • H/L output power selective
  • Busylock

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Aircom AC-UV88 Heavy-Duty Walkie Talkie

General Specification
Frequency range VHF: 136-174Mhz,UHF:400-480MHZ
Save channels 240 channels
Steppi ng 2.5K/5K/6.25/12.5/20K/25K/30K/50K
Work voltage DC 7.2vlotage (pharging lithium battery)
Freque ncy stablity ±2. 5ppm
Work temperature -20°C ~+50°C
Work ways Same frequency simplex/Different frequency simplex
Antenna impedance 50Ω
Battery Volume 3200Ma
Volume 120x59x34mm(without antenna)
Transmission Par
Output power 5W
Modulation mode (Wide/narrow band) 16KФ>F3E/11KΦF3E
Biggest Frequency Difference (wide/narrow band) ≤5KHz/≤2. 5KHz
Stray power ≤7. 5μW
Adjace nt cha nnel power ≤-65dB/≤-60dB
Signal-to-noise ratio(wide/narrow band) ≥-45dB/≥-40dB
CTCSS/DCS frequency difference (Wide/narrow band) 0. 7±0. IKHz/0. 4±0. IKHz
Modulation Accuracy 8-12mV
Transmission Current ≤l. 4A(high)
Receive Part ・
Accuracy -122dB (12dB SI NAD)
Audio power 1W
Audio distortion <10%
Intermodulation (narrow/wide) ≥65dB≥60dB
Adjacent channel selectivity (narrow/wide) ≥65dB/≥60dB
Clutter suppression ≥65dB
Receiving Current ≤380mA

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Aircom AC-UV88 Heavy-Duty Walkie Talkie
Aircom AC-UV88 Heavy-Duty Walkie Talkie
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