Aircom AC-38SPSD Standalone Photoelectric Smoke Detector

  • Adopt unique structural design and advanced photoelectric maze.
  • REal time smoke monitoring.
  • It has a self-check function and prompt function for Undervoltage battery
  • High decibel sound and light alarm remind you of all-around protection.
  • Low battery warning mechanism.
  • Have strong smoke detectability.

Aircom AC-38SPSD Standalone Photoelectric Smoke Detector

  • Operating voltage:3V
  • Lithium battery Battery life: 10 years
  • Infrared photoelectric sensor
    MCU processing, eliminate false alarms,
  • Low battery warning Low power consumption
  • Test and hush button
  • Shockproof design suitable for vehicle use
  • Dustproof, mothproof
  • Anti-light interference design Dimension:Φ95*41mm


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