Aircom ACO25 Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Easily control by smartphone
  • High decibel alarm
  • No need to install it, just stick it on.
  • Mini size, simple and versatile.
  • Very good product to get alert about exceeding carbon monoxide.

Aircom ACO25 Smart Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Power: 3V Lithium Battery
  • 3 years lifespan
  • Sensitivity:30ppm 120 minutes alarm
  • 50ppm 60-90 minutes alarm 100ppm 10-40 minutes alarm 300ppm alarm within 3 minutes
  • Low consumption.
  • MINI appearance design.
  • Smart and Fashionable
  • Low battery warning
  • NEMOTO electrochemistry sensor
  • Tool-Free installation design
  • Dimension: 54* 54* 41.5mm


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