Aircom AC-705WS 4-Wire Smoke Detector Device

  • Power supply non-polar input
  • Infrared photoelectric sensor
  • MCU processing, eliminate false alarm
  • Network relay output /LED indicating alarm
  • SMT manufacture technology, high stability
  • Dust-proof, moth-proof, anti-light interference design
  • Anti-RFI (20V/m-1GHz)

Aircom AC-705WS 4-Wire Smoke Detector

  • Operating voltage: DC 9-24V
  • ASIC control; Manual test, auto-reset
  • Infrared photoelectric sensor
  • Network output/sound and flash alarm indicator
  • SMT adopted; Dustproof, mothproof, and anti-white light
  • Low power indication
  • Dimension: Φ100*43mm


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