AW DUT 202 Wireless Digital Delegate Unit

Technical Parameters
Button: Touchable interface, no physical buttons
Sound Pickup: heart type capacitance
Display: OLED display 128 × 32
Sensitivity: -46 dBV / Pa
Maximum power consumption: 2.0W
Directivity: 0 ° / 180 °> 20 dB (1 kHz)
Headphone load: 16Ω
Headphone volume: 10mW
Headphone jack: 3.5mm stereo
Input impedance: 2kΩ
SNR: 70dB
Frequency response: 20 ~ 20000Hz
Equivalent noise: 20dBA (SPL)
Main material: ABS
Operating temperature: 0 
℃ to + 55 
Color: Black
The maximum sound pressure: 125dB (THD <3%)
Weight: 1.1kg (with microphone)
Dimension: 185 × 130 × 50mm (width ×depth ×
height) (without microphone)


New Generation Full Digital Wi-Fi Wireless Conference System, Instantly Setup, leave more time for inspiring minds AIRCOM Digital Conference system
● AIRCOM , make wireless come true The major pain point on traditional meeting room is to connect all devices by cable, which is complex and wasting of time. AIRCOM Wireless conference system, start the meeting in anytime, anywhere, increase the efficiency on planning.
● Standard Wi-Fi technology to co-work perfectly with existing networks AIRCOM wireless unit, choose the frequency point from dozens of available ones on our access point, working in zero interference with all other networks in the area.
● Elegant arc-shaped surface design Arc-shaped glass operation area is dust/water-proof, and there is no noise/damage risk compare with common physical buttons, anti-scratch cover technology, it remains smooth glass surface even after thousands times of touch


● Stylish, low profile design with touchable interface

● 5G Standard WiFi Wireless communication, with less delay and high quality sound while no interference from 2.4G signal, setting up all system in few minutes to be ready for using, and put them away in short time as well
● Built-in DC connector for power supply without battery
● Detachable battery pack is easy to replace and charge, 20 hours continuous working time after full charge.
● Internal high fidelity loudspeaker
● Head-set interface in both sides with volume adjust
● Line-in interface which allows microphone or other line-in device like cell phone, laptop to pass audio through to perform teleconference
● Full-digital signal transmission and processing, completely avoid the RF interference from cell phone or similar devices.
● Support pluggable microphone and different length of microphone with strong audio collecting ability.
● Timer on display to set certain time for each delegate to speak, will remind user or close the MIC automatically


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